Integrative Mental Health

Clinical and psycho-spiritual treatments are available and customized for each patient. You can choose to do only clinical psychotherapy, psycho-spiritual therapy, or blend both modalities to maximize your outcome. 

Integrative mental health is a specialty area of practice and while many practitioners offer either one modality or the other, it takes intense training to blend the two together. After an evaluation and assessment, Dr. Cristerna will determine your best treatment options based on your needs and ability to tolerate various procedures.

Please note that not everyone can do all of the procedures right away and prep is often needed for patients in order to get the full benefit of the procedure. Below you will find a list of services, fees, and link to the overview of that specific procedure. 

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Evidence based, clinical therapy that focuses on enhancing and expanding conscious awareness. This is the most popular form of therapy.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Ego work is done in trance state while you are fully conscious. Hypnotherapy is a primer for all deeper treatments.  

Yhandi's Inner Light

Yhandi's Inner Light

Inner child healing that focuses on healing childhood trauma and releasing the faulty thoughts created by your inner child. 

Soul Retrievals

Soul Retrievals

Heal, reclaim, and integrate fragmented parts of the self that have left due to trauma, abuse, or other cause.

Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy

Remember what you are here to learn or heal a long-standing issue carried over from another life. Amazing results have been obtained in one session

Brazilian Light Energization

Brazilian light energization

One of the highest and most powerful ways to connect with your spiritual self. Expand your vision, increase your vibrational frequency, and integrate at a soul level.

RoHun Therapy


The highest and most rapid form of therapy and emotional healing one can do. RoHun is psychoanalysis at its best. Only a RoHun doctor can take you through the entire process.

Medical Prep

Patients who are undergoing medical treatment or preparing for surgery can opt to work to prepare for their upcoming procedures or recovery. The focus is addressing the underlying emotions.

Womb Cleanses

Womb Cleanses

Whenever a pregnancy is not carried to term, for any reason, the soul of the baby can become stuck in the mother or father's aura causing a significant amount of distress, shame, and fragmentation.

Spirit Release Therapy

Spirit Release Therapy

A spirit release is a loving process that allows you to release anything that is not of your divine essence into the light so you can live your own life.

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Real patients share their results, thoughts and feelings about their treatment and outcomes. Read them here and see Dr. Cristerna's ratings.


Healing and self-awareness continue even after you leave the office. Both are deepened when you  apply what you've learned to your life.

Selecting the Right Service for You!

There are so many services that you can choose from to fit your budget, skill level, and needs. Check out how to think about selecting a specialty service. As always, give me a call to discuss what option(s) may be best for you! 


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