Patient Testimonials



Scott from Illinois

"I was privileged to work with Jinnie for a single session. That one session has had a profound impact on my life. When I went to see Jinnie I had been plagued by a lifelong emotional issue that had affected all of my relationships, both personal and professional. In one session Jinnie was able to root out the cause of the issue and help me to eradicate it from my life. I am so grateful for the work that Jinnie did, and I heartily recommend her as someone who can help you to achieve your goals."  

New York, NY listener ever. She is insightful and extremely helpful. Jinnie creates a safe, peaceful and supportive environment that makes an ideal space to delve into the issues. Dr. Jinnie provides REAL transformative space and conversations!

VC in Chicago,, IL

My experience with Dr. Cristerna was amazing!!! Her  vast techniques, comprehension, and communication skills prepared a foundation that allowed me to be very comfortable and freely open up. When issues surfaced, resolutions were revealed and healing  began.

GM in Chicago, IL

I was feeling relationship and work-life balance stress. Thanks to Jinnie, I gained perspective and found my high achieving mien - which had taken a necessary retreat.

SSC, Emmy nominated TV writer & Filmmaker

I met Dr. Jinnie Cristerna the summer of 2016 while producing a documentary about bullying. I filmed her speaking to 15 inner-city young men [many were gang members] of Atlanta – many were bullies in their communities and schools. I witnessed Dr. Cristerna effortlessly walk the young men through their childhood traumas to begin healing of their emotional wounds.  Within 2 hours – Dr. Cristerna led the young men through life-changing meditations to help center their aggressive energy. It was a transformative experience as she gave the young men valuable coping tools. I saw first-hand, Dr. Cristerna’s superior skills and compassionate nature. Later, she guided me through an empowering past life regression. Even though I’ve had 3 past life regressions by different therapists, my session with Dr. Cristerna was by far the most complete, thought-provoking and healing. I learned so much about myself and was able to break through barriers. I am forever grateful and appreciative to have Dr. Cristerna in my life.