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A Boutique Practice

International High Achievers' specializes in performing psychological surgery and integration with patients at deep, sustainable levels. This is done by integrating evidenced based clinical and specialty treatments/intensives that include the mind, body, and soul to achieve maximum results in fewer sessions. Specialty sessions range from being a two hour single session to three hours per day for up to three days, if undergoing a basic RoHun treatment.

Patients who are looking to address deep-seated challenges such as abuse, anger, depression/anxiety, Dissociative Identity Disorder, fear, unworthiness, shame, etc, often find their experience to be powerful, practical, time-sensitive, and cost-effective compared to traditional psychotherapies; which can take years. In fact, if you have been in traditional therapy for a significant amount of time, yet continue to feel something remains unaddressed or that you've gone as far as you can go in traditional therapy, then one of our treatments may be of benefit to you. 

If you are unsure what psychological surgery is and would like to 'experience' this type of work without committing to a full treatment, you are encouraged to sign up for one of our groups to get a sense of what happens during a healing or a single session specialty service. If you would like to talk with Dr. Cristerna directly about your questions, please review the website first then call 312-382-8710 x150.

With every good wish, love, and light .. pleasant journeys , 


Realize ...

Everyone has or will struggle with who they are or want to become at some point in their life. Some people struggle gracefully while others may stumble as they seek to find their way. 

It is important to understand that everyone will struggle with learning a life lesson. And, it is in the struggle of learning our lesson that we inadvertently help another learn their lesson. It's a dynamic process. We are all here to explore the depths of at least one thing during our lifetime - two if we get bored.  It is up to you to decide how you would prefer to learn and teach.

No One ...

Is unworthy of compassion or forgiveness no matter what they have done. This does not mean that what they have done is okay, that you excuse their behavior, or don't call for accountability, it means that you will no longer carry their pain. 

Forgiveness and compassion are not for those who have wronged you, it is for you, so you can be free. If we are all here to learn and teach, each experience we have is essentially a part of our lesson. Our response to those experiences is what shape and allow us to let go and move forward with ease and grace. 

Is Crazy ...

A disdainful label, spiritual dis-ease or short-coming in clinical treatment?  

Depending on how you think about emotional wellness and mental health, it can be either. Whenever symptoms are unresponsive to clinical treatment, psycho-spiritual processes tend to be effective. In essence, what may be untreatable in one modality may be treatable in another. 

Ultimately, "crazy" is the absence of love and fragmentation of our soul. This can be remedied when clinical treatments are ineffective through psycho-spiritual processes. 

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Core Values

The Healing Practice

Experience has consistently demonstrated that working to heal the entire person at a mind, body, and soul level leads to immediate significant symptom reduction and long-term benefits. 

Dr. Cristerna incorporates quantum physics into a proven six-step program tailored for each patient combined with performance mindset coaching and world-class support to achieve maximum results quickly.

The Treatment Focus

The focus is always on the whole person. Each patient is an active part of their treatment planning and can choose from clinical, evidence based psychotherapy, psycho-spiritual therapies or an artful combination of both.

When a patient chooses to integrate clinical and spiritual therapy, they are opting for integrated mental health. This treatment works to heal and integrate the whole person from the inside out. 

The Patient Promise

You will be reasonably supported every step of the way. There is no additional charge for brief telephonic check-ins or consultations. Dr. Cristerna's vast network of integrative healing doctors throughout the world will ensure you connect with someone who can connect with you.

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Integrative Mental Health


Known as "talk therapy", psychotherapy tends to be mind to mind therapy and focused on enhancing and expanding conscious awareness.

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. 


Talk therapy is a wonderful tool to prepare for deeper and integrative work. Whenever you find yourself discussing the same issues or reaching an impasse, you may be ready for advanced work.

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An effective treatment that can alleviate psychosomatic symptoms in one to three sessions.

Heart centered hypnotherapy is considered minor psychological surgery and an effective form of clinical therapy used in hospitals throughout the country that can incorporate the patient's spiritual or religious values. Including a patients spirituality or religion or connection to something bigger than themself results in a deeper healing and remission of symptoms. 

If the patient has no spiritual or religious belief, they can use their higher self or nothing at all with the similar reported effects.  

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Psycho-Spiritual Therapy is therapy that includes the patients spiritual or religious values into their clinical work. This is the most rapid and sustainable form of therapy offered.

The most effective psycho-spiritual processes offered are RoHun, Yhandi's Inner Light and Subtle Energy. These are deemed major psychological surgery. When using this form of therapy, you are able to heal at a deeper level as you call on you soul, higher self, or spirituality to help see and heal what is causing the distress in your life. 

Healing at deeper levels closer to the source of your distress, dis-ease, and suffering can result in quantum healing. 

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