Becoming a Patient

The only requirement Dr. Cristerna has for her patients is that they are committed to their work, whatever that may be for them. Her patients are known as high achievers because they want to become better than who they are today by realizing their full potential. This means they are willing and ready to do the inner work to create sustainable change in their life.

While her patients tend to be athletes, executives, attorneys, doctors, students, and traders, Dr. Cristerna works with anyone who is committed to making themselves and the world a better place.   If you are committed to your development and unable to pay the full fee, you are encouraged to apply for a medical loan or request to have a fee adjustment. Dr. Cristerna is committed to ensuring everyone is able receive quality mental health and emotional wellness care. All determinations for fee reductions are made at the discretion of Dr. Jinnie Cristerna and takes into consideration the patients entire circumstance.

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