Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

What is it?

An effective treatment that can alleviate psychosomatic symptoms in one-three sessions.

Heart centered hypnotherapy is considered minor psychological surgery and an effective form of clinical therapy used in hospitals throughout the country that can incorporate the patient's spiritual or religious belief. 

Including a patients spirituality or religion often results in a deeper healing and remission of symptoms. However, if the patient has no spiritual or religious belief, they can use their higher self or nothing at all with the similar reported effects.   Hypnotherapy is effective in treating: trauma, abuse, depression, eating disorders, anger, resentment, shame, malingering (lying), and psychosomatic disorders (e.g. headaches, stomach and digestive issues). The patient is conscious while they are in a trance state and communicating with Dr. Cristerna at all times. 

The patient is often working in their subconscious mind and makes dynamic connections with the source of their life challenges. These connections are then isolated and the faulty thought and sabotaging behavior identified and replaced by the patient during the session. Dr. Cristerna does not insert any new thoughts into the patient's ego or subconscious mind.   

During hypnotherapy, and all other trance induced treatments, the patient is not at risk of being taken over in any way either by the treating therapist, spirits, or the devil. The patient is conscious during the entire process and can recall their session. The allows the patient to be active in their treatment and strengthen personal responsibility.   

Each patient receives their newly selected thoughts and behaviors at the end of each session to be used in their post treatment follow-up with their psychotherapist. Heart-centered hypnotherapy is considered a 'primer' for deeper, more intense treatments.

Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt discusses how she uses heart centered hypnotherapy in her practice to help patients heal at deeper levels. Heart centered hypnotherapy is often used as a primer for RoHun and Yhandi in her practice.