Yhandi's Inner Light

Psycho-Spiritual Treatments for Trauma includes Yhandi's Inner Light

Healing the Inner Child Deeply

A moderate psychological surgery focused on bringing awareness and healing to the patient's current life in a broad sweep. This process is an extremely effective and efficient form of inner child healing that works solely in the subconscious mind of the patient.  

Yhandi's Inner Light is a 2.5-day intensive treatment and considered moderate psychic surgery focused on the patient's subconscious mind. The patient is guided to look at and reflect on their life and the dilemmas they would like to resolve. This process is a mini version of the RoHun treatment "Seven Visions" psychoanalysis and uses symbols and drawings to pull the subconscious into the conscious mind for the patient to interpret.  

Yhandi is an inner child treatment where the patient begins healing their inner child by witnessing their own self-destructive behaviors in six areas of their life. The patient moves onto looking at how those patterns show up as an adult in their current life in patterns of thought and behavior before moving on to healing the inner adult. The patient then teaches the child and the inner adult how to work together to create an effective and harmonious life. The ability of the patient to successfully face their self-destructive thoughts and behaviors allows the patient to voluntarily take personal responsibility for their happiness and life.

Yhandi is effective in treating relationship challenges, depression, trauma, abuse, failure, anxiety, anger, neediness (attachment to others), self-sabotage (bad-luck), and goal attainment. The outcome of Yhandi is often reported to be patience, confidence, self-awareness, personal responsibility, and compassion.

Follow-up psychotherapy with Dr. Jinnie Cristerna is included in each treatment and must be followed as prescribed in order to maintain progress and sustainability.