Womb Cleanses

Dr. Jinnie Cristerna provides an overview of what happens when a pregnancy isn't carried to term, for whatever reason, and how a womb cleanse/purification helps both the mother and father heal.  

Healing Your Womb

This process is for Women AND Men

Whenever we are unable to carry a pregnancy to term, for whatever reason, the soul of the baby can be either stuck in the mother's aura causing a significant amount of distress, shame, and fragmentation; however, if it has freed itself from the mother's aura, it gets trapped in the lower astral planes. Either way, the soul if the fetus is unable to move on or evolve and the parents can have a difficult time healing as well.  

Both the mother and father can experience trauma when a child is not born and symptoms can include: fragmentation, anger, depression that does not respond to medication, etc. Father's are often left out of the healing process because it is believed that since they don't physically carry the child, they don't have as strong a connection with the fetus. This is untrue. It is the father's sperm that begins the life of the fetus because it is fire and that fire is then deposited into the mother who is the water.   

The DNA and trauma of the great-grandfather, grandfather, and father is downloaded into the sperm and then transferred to the mother where the same on her side is done. Once they merge the fetus begins to take shape and while the soul hasn't entered the body fully, parts of the soul have (e.g. heart is activated at four months.)  

When one or both parents can help the unborn soul cross over and continue their journey, they give their child the greatest gift - EVOLUTION. Since the baby's soul is no longer stuck, it can now grow and move on to the next part of their journey. The following is a brief overview of what happens with each type of unborn fetus:   

  • Miscarriage: May leave the mother's aura but get stuck in the lower astral. 
  • Stillbirth: May leave the mother's aura and get stuck in the lower astral or they can return back to higher astral. They gestated for as long as they agreed to stay and then left to go back. 
  • Abortion: The soul doesn't go back. It stays in the energy field of the mother for the number of years it was supposed to live. They are stuck in between the sludge of the astral and the energy of the mother.  

The womb cleanse allows the mother and the father to communicate with the soul of their child to ask for forgiveness and gain clarity about why the child may have chosen not to stay. It also serves as a wonderful way for the parents to find spiritual healing for their loss. This process is usually 90-minutes - 2 hours. Please call if you need financial assistance.