Spirit Release Therapy

Dr. Jinnie Cristerna talks about what spirit release therapy is and how do you know if you need one.

What is a Spirit Release?

It's not unusual for someone to feel "not like themselves". However, when that feeling of being "taken over", "beside them self", or "behaving strangely" becomes troublesome or common, there may be something more going on in addition to a possible medical condition. 

Most religions and spiritually based faiths believe that some people who have crossed over may be afraid to go on and instead stay "earthbound". When this happens, they seek out others who are vulnerable or think/feel the way they do and "attach" to them. A spirit release is a loving process that allows you to release anything that is not of your divine essence into the light, back to God, so they, and you,  can finish their journey. 

Spirit Release is a very spiritual process that works very well with people who struggle with addictions, poor self-care, anger, hallucinations, and trauma. While I am ever grateful to all of the clinicians, doctors, clergymen, and women who make referrals, please call me before sending your patients and parishioners so I can fully understand the nature of the request. This process is usually 2-3 hours.