Medical Prep

Preparing the Mind and Soul to Support the Body

It's not unusual for someone to feel "not like themselves". However, when that feeling of being "taken over", "beside them self", or "behaving strangely" becomes troublesome or common, there may be something more going on in addition to a possible medical condition. 

Most religions and spiritually based faiths believe that some people who have crossed over may be afraid to go on and instead stay "earthbound". When this happens, they seek out others who are vulnerable or think/feel the way they do and "attach" to them. A spirit release is a loving process that allows you to release anything that is not of your divine essence into the light, back to God, so they, and you,  can finish their journey. 

Spirit Release is a very spiritual process that works very well with people who struggle with addictions, poor self-care, anger, hallucinations, and trauma. While I am ever grateful to all of the clinicians, doctors, clergymen, and women who make referrals, please call me before sending your patients and parishioners so I can fully understand the nature of the request. This process is usually 2-3 hours. 


Please Note

Psycho-spiritual processes for medical diseases can be used alone but work much better with medical procedures; especially when illnesses have begun to attack the body. This is why I encourage people to consult and work closely with their physicians, too. Medical doctors are valuable healers, and together, can help you heal your mind, body, and soul.   

I have had patients who have experienced a decrease in outbreaks from bloodborne diseases (e.g. herpes, HIV) and recovery time after surgery. The results vary and are not guaranteed because outcomes depend largely on the intention, commitment, and ability for the patient to heal. If the disease has progressed beyond a certain point, the success rates decrease. There is quality of life component that is included in the outcome of the treatment and while the patient may still need to undergo medical treatment, it is possible that their prognosis, diagnosis, or recovery improves.The patient is truly the determining factor in outcome success.   

With that said, I strongly recommend emotional and mental preventative care such as RoHun, hypnotherapy, or Yhandi so there is a reduction or elimination of dis-eases that would require surgery or other treatment.