Medical Prep

Patients who are undergoing medical treatment or preparing for surgery can opt to work with Dr. Cristerna to help them prepare for their upcoming procedures or recovery. 

My medical prep and recovery sessions are spiritual healing processes used with patients who are either receiving medical treatments (e.g. chemo, HIV, botox for migraines), about to undergo surgery (e.g. transplant, knee, spine, organ), or recovering from a procedure (inpatient or outpatient). They usually opt or are suggested to work with me to help them effectively cope with any underlying mental, emotional, spiritual elements of their illness. 

Reflective Etheric Healing is a meticulous process that uses the reflective nature of the Etheric energy body to bring healing to parts of the physical body through imagery and Etheric creation. This process requires intentionality of both healer and client to bring through the necessary healing energy to smooth, repair, and harmonize any disruption found in the Etheric Body; which has now manifested in the physical body. This process re-establishes the memory of a perfectly healthy state within the body part as well as the requisite creation energy for the part to function, heal, and replace itself. The session takes 90-minutes. 

The Blood Cleanse is an effective spiritual healing process that cleanses and purifies the blood, activates healthy, vibrant stem cells and erases the memory of disease. The process works to restore health to the physical body and your mental/emotional state of being. This process takes helps the patient release the build up of negative thoughts and emotions that have contributed to the creation of the disease. This session takes one hour.

For patients who are undergoing transplant surgery or looking to heal physical diseases using spiritual methods, Reflective Etheric Healing and Blood Cleanses can be used as a stand alone service although I strongly suggest using these processes in conjunction with closely working with your medical professional.

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*Please note*

*Please note that psycho-spiritual processes for medical diseases can be used alone but work much better with medical procedures; especially when illnesses have begun to attack the body. This is why I encourage people to consult and work closely with their physicians, too. Medical doctors are valuable healers, and together, can help you heal your mind, body, and soul. 

I have had patients who have experienced a decrease in outbreaks from bloodborne diseases (e.g. herpes, HIV) and recovery time after surgery. The results vary and are not guaranteed because outcomes depend largely on the intention, commitment, and ability for the patient to heal. If the disease has progressed beyond a certain point, the success rates decrease. There is quality of life component that is included in the outcome of the treatment and while the patient may still need to undergo medical treatment, it is possible that their prognosis, diagnosis, or recovery improves.The patient is truly the determining factor in outcome success. 

With that said, I strongly recommend emotional and mental preventative care such as RoHun, hypnotherapy, or Yhandi so there is a reduction or elimination of dis-eases that would require surgery or other treatment. 


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