RoHun Therapy

13-Powerful Process

The Depth of RoHun

RoHun Therapy is the highest and most rapid form of therapy and emotional healing one can do; it is psychoanalysis at its best. There are 13-processes and the entire  treatment can only be performed by a RoHun Doctor trained at Delphi University.

The body keeps track of and holds onto every emotional trauma which, over time, create emotional blocks. And these blocks are actually blocks of energy that are held in the chakras of your body, and they have a life force of their own. The challenge in healing deeply rooted issues is that traditional psychotherapy focuses on enlightening the mind, but what is required is a transcendence of the ego and working at a soul level.  

So, when you've gone as far as you can with traditional psychotherapy (mind-to-mind therapy) and find yourself struggling with the same challenges, you may be ready for RoHun. RoHun is a rapid acting psychotherapy and specialty service that works in a person's energy system to release emotional blocks so they can heal emotional wounds at a deep, soul level. RoHun is a trans-personal psychology and psycho-spiritual treatment that compliments the spirituality or belief in a higher being you may hold. During RoHun, you will face your fears, develop compassion, release negative emotions, clear faulty thoughts, and forgive yourself and others so you can live freely on your terms. You are better able to give and receive and love and attract healthier people and opportunities in your life.   

RoHun is great for survivors of abuse, people who struggle with control issues, anger management, fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, insecurity, illusions and more.  The best part about RoHun is that what can typically take years to uncover in traditional psychotherapy only takes three sessions during purification with several follow-up sessions.



RoHun Basic Therapies

RoHun Cards

The RoHun™ Enlightenment and Self-Healing Cards are used to help you to uncover one-two major blocks that are stopping you from taking your next step. RoHun Cards are a great way to experience the powerful effects of RoHun Therapy. This session takes one hour. 

RoHun Cleanse

If you'd like to try RoHun before scheduling a full session, a Cleanse session is a wonderful option. During this session, you experience the wonderful benefits of RoHun in a condensed format. While you will not have the full experience of RoHun, you will be able to get a sense of what happens in the full Purification session.

RoHun Skims

This is a great way to maintain the progress that you've made in your life since your last RoHun session. It's like having a maintenance session so things don't build up again. You can also use it to do deeper healing work.

RoHun Purification

The Purification Process is an in-depth cleansing of the faulty thoughts and feeling patterns of victimization that you have held you back. The healing is highly interactive between you and Dr. Jinnie Cristerna, and consists of three sessions of approximately two-three hours each for three consecutive days. Commitment to the entire process is necessary and required to schedule an appointment.

RoHun Shadow/Releasing Caged Energy

This process focuses on facing and releasing our shadow (lower level) energy so we can rise above our fears, anger, and negativity and gain clarity, purpose, and direction in our everyday life. 

Jung talks about our shadows and the importance of facing them so they do not become our fate. You will release those parts of us that no longer serve your highest good by looking at how you abuse power and hurt yourself and others. 

This is a three-four session process and commitment to the entire process is required to schedule an appointment. Each client is treated with the bonus of an energization after the shadow process if they so choose.

Basic RoHun Therapies Q&A

These treatments focus on clearing the ego and release emotional and psychological blocks that prevent them from moving forward in their life.  

In these processes, you will begin to access your subconscious and unconscious mind so you can develop a strong, healthy sense of self. You will access your best qualities by effectively facing those parts of yourself that are often difficult to see. These processes are only performed by RoHun Therapists who have completed the RoHun BASIC training.

RoHun Advanced Therapies

RoHun Divine Mother

This process is more than Freud could have ever hoped! In addition to healing the rift between you and your biological mother, you will connect with the Divine Mother within you who nurtures all creation. 

You will rid yourself of layers of faulty thoughts around creation, emotional entanglement, and psychological imbalance so you can open yourself to learning valuable lessons in self-discipline, patience, responsibility and unconditional self-love. It is from THIS place that you can create a fulfilling life! It is truly a treat only you can give yourself. 

This is a one-session Master Level Process that is only offered after you've completed Purification and Shadow. 

RoHun Origins Process

This process is simply transformative. During this process, you will heal BOTH the SOUL and the EGO so you can rid yourself of the faulty thoughts and negative reactions at an even deeper level.  

Once this occurs, you heal the illusion that you are broken and separate from yourself and others. This results in a clearer understanding of who you REALLY are at a soul level; which allows you to realize and connect with your DIVINE essence. It is truly a beautiful process that heals even more deeply. 

This is a two-session Master Level process that is only offered after you've completed Purification and Shadow. 

RoHun Androgynous Process

This process is a brilliant way to begin healing the inner battle of the sexes. 

Many often mistakenly believe that the masculine and feminine exist separately. The reality is that we all possess and need both qualities to be balanced and integrated in order for us to have healthy relationships with others. 

The androgynous process helps you to heal the battle between the heart and mind. The heart is the feeling body and the male is the mental body. When the heart and mind are not in harmony, you can see it play out in male and female relationships. 

You will work deeply to heal the drama and feeling of war between the male/female, which can only be healed from within.  You will integrate your heart and the mind so conflicts are healed, thoughts and feelings work together in harmony, and healthier relationships are attracted into your life. 

This is a Master Level process that is only offered after you've completed Purification and Shadow.  

RoHun Seven Visions Process

This process is beyond words. It is the equivalent of Yhandi times ten - if you can imagine that! 

This process takes you through the seven main chakras and heals each chakra so you are able to be fully present and whole in your life. As each chakra is healed you have access to a guide that corresponds with a function in your life (e.g. the achiever). 

After healing all seven, you have a full board of directors at your disposal! The best part of this process is that you learn how to begin identifying where your challenges are originating and healing them on your own thereby significantly reducing the need to come into therapy outside of maintenance! 

I use this process often and just love it. In fact, this process was originally created for RoHun therapists to help ourselves because we couldn't readily access another RoHun therapist in our area. 

This is a Master Level process that is only offered after you've completed Purification and Shadow.  

RoHun Advanced Therapy Q&A

These treatments go deeper into the unconscious and require a strong, healthy ego that can see the reality of their own illusions. This is why only clients who have completed basic Purification and Shadow area allowed to heal using the following advanced treatments. 

RoHun Deep Core Processes

RoHun Mental Constructs

This is the first process in the CVT series. In this process, you will identify the four unique mental constructs your child has created out of fear (and you unconsciously still use) that sabotage your success and love and separates you from your true, divine self. 

You will learn the triggers that send you into your destructive constructs and create unique and customized exits that will get you out of them quickly. This process is a deep clearing of the brow chakra (6th chakra) where the judge attempts to reside. 

This process is only performed after you've completed all of the RoHun basic and advanced processes without exception. 

RoHun Heart Vaults

This is the second process in the CVT series. In this process, you will journey into the heart and explore the chambers your inner child fled to out of fear and created scenarios that were unloving, abusive, and rooted in unworthiness. 

You will discover the secret fear that is playing in each chamber and how it as served you as well as exits that will allow you to leave these rooms quickly and lovingly. This process is a deep clearing of the heart chakra (4th chakra). 

This process is only performed after you've completed all of the RoHun basic and advanced processes without exception. 

RoHun Medical Tanks

This is the third process in the CVT series. In this process, you will discover how your inner child's mental constructs and vaults create tanks of powerful negative emotions in your lower chakras (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). 

You will go beyond identifying to pinpointing the ways in which you abuse, hate, and lie to yourself to keep the illusion going in your life. Additionally, you will begin to identify how your illusions and powerful negative thoughts affect your body and create vortexes of potential disease. The most powerful part of this process is found in your encountering and transforming your unconscious death wishes. 

This process is only performed after you've completed all of the RoHun basic and advanced processes without exception. 

CVT Integration

The completion of CVT's will allow you to see the big picture of how you are triggered, develop effective exit strategies so can get out of the hell your child has created, and create a life that if loving, abundant, and intentional. You will bring all of your rooms together to see how they play a larger role in your life and determine what rooms you go into when you are triggered. You will also refine your exit strategies and integrate more real life scenarios into your healing so you can evolve even more quickly. This process is only performed after you've completed all of the RoHun basic and advanced processes without exception. 

RoHun Deep Core Processes Q&A

These processes take you to the bedrock of who you REALLY are. This is where you discover what cards you're dealt in this life, how to play your hand to the best of your ability and is psychoanalysis at its best. Looking at our deepest shadows requires the strength of and belief in something much greater than ourselves; which is why the Deep Core Processes are last. The ego must be strong and evolved enough to see the maze of illusion that their inner child created in order to stay safe in this world without denial or resistance. 

Every patient MUST go through ALL basic and advanced processes before entering the Deep Core - there are NO EXCEPTIONS. 

 Each of us has an inner child and this child has created mazes of illusion to keep itself safe from fear, loneliness, shame, guilt, boredom, and isolation. What we are conscious of is how these mazes have created illusions that govern our life. When we live our life through an illusion, we become fragmented and disconnected from truth and reality so we can feel protected and loved in unhealthy ways. This is why some people choose to stay in unhealthy relationships or careers --- they are living in one of the mazes created by the child to make abuse and suffering acceptable forms of love. The Deep Core Processes will allow you to break the fear of the illusion and embrace your truth with the unwavering realization of who you really are and what you are meant to be in this life. These processes are only Performed by RoHun Doctors trained at Delphi University.

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