Past Life Therapy

How Going Back can Help You Move Forward

Do you know what your purpose is in life or what you're here to learn? Most people don't. Nonetheless, we all have a purpose and are here to learn a lesson or two in this life. Our purpose and the lessons we are here to learn are based on our experiences from a previous lifetime(s).   

One of my most popular alternative treatments for the past several years is Past Life Therapy. This treatment is one of several that my patients use to address long standing issues, blocks, and challenges that are deeply rooted in their psyche and difficult to overcome such as phobias, addictions, emotional conflicts, and negative relationship patterns.   

The most powerful aspect of undergoing a Past Life Regression session is the highly personal and tailored nature of your session. You are witnessing and experiencing everything firsthand as I guide you through your own process of self-exploration. In your journey, you will connect with your higher (wise) self in order to see things as they really are and gain a deeper understanding of your purpose and the lessons you are here to learn along the way.   

The main reason for exploring a past life in an effort to resolve current life dilemmas is to identify and understand the dramas we create in our life. Once we do this, we can now re-script the storyline to have a different angle and outcome; remember, life keeps presenting us the same experiences until we've learned the lesson.   

When you have your Past Life Regression session with me, you will take comfort in knowing that a seasoned, clinical expert and an ordained minister will be your guide through some of the most sacred places in your soul. There is no worry of any quackery or thought implantation because of my high ethics and guidance from my spiritual committee. You will be conscious during the entire process and talk with me throughout your session; remember, I am simply a guide. Your past life can take the form of exploring another lifetime or an earlier time in this life (e.g. childhood). 

This powerful process is considered moderate psychological surgery and can bring healing and closure to some of your life's more challenging struggles. This is a two-hour session and integration psychotherapy is strongly recommended.