Soul Retrievals

Now is the Time to Find Yourself!

Reclaiming your soul fragments helps you become whole and live in your power so you can be your authentic self.

Have you ever felt like or said that a part of you was missing? Did someone take a part of you with them? A part of you was left behind with someone and you couldn't find it? Has your heart been broken or crushed? Or, the most common one thus far, "I've lost myself"? In today's society, many people like parts of them are missing and are desperately searching for themselves; unfortunately, in all of the wrong places. 

When a part of us is missing, we have become separated from a part of our soul and this is called a soul fragmentation. For whatever the reason our soul fragments, be it sadness, grief, shock, trauma, or anger,  we are left with a hole or feeling of emptiness. We often feel this loss after the end of a relationship, divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, abuse, or other shocking life events. 

The good news is that we never lose our soul. What's even better is that you can always go and find them and bring them home. 

Soul retrieval is the process of retrieving a lost part of your soul is powerful because you are empowered to locate your own soul fragment and participate in discovering the cause of fragmentation by safely exploring the memories and feelings contained in the fragment. Once we find your soul's fragments, we bring them back into you and identify the parts of you that are returning home and where. It is truly a beautiful process that is freeing and loving.

Dr. Jinnie Cristerna performs follow up care in psychotherapy which is included as part of every soul retrieval.